4700P/4700E Pneumatic Positioners .

Masoneilan Model 4700E (electric) and 4700P (pneumatic) are field proven positioners utilizing a precision feedback cam to provide accurate positioning, very fast response, and customized control characteristics for control valves.

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7400 Series Pneumatic Positioners.

Masoneilan Model 7400 Series valve positioners insure that the control valve plug position is always directly proportional to the value of the controller output pressure, regardless of packing box friction, diaphragm actuator hysteresis or off-balance forces on the valve plug. These positioners also provide a convenient and accurate means of changing the effective output signal range of a controller and/or changing the valve action.

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Model 8012/8013 Electro-Pneumatic Positioners.

Masoneilan's 8012/8013 Series Electro-pneumatic Valve Positioners provide precise, reliable valve positioning and superior dynamic response.

Features Include:Dynamic response and positioning accuracy, Split-ranging controller, Corrosion resistance, Direct action and reverse action and Vibration resistant

Products Specification:
CS5000 | BS5050E

STD5000 and STD6000 Series Current to Pressure Transducers.

Brandt instrument's Plant Standard STD5000 and STD6000 Series of Current to Pressure (I/P) Transducers represent a new standard in I/P Technology. The rugged NEMA 4X housing, compact size and revolutionary "Plug-In E-Pi Module" make them the most accurate, reliable and simplest I/P's to install, operate and maintain in the industry.

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Model 7000 I/P Transducer.

Masoneilan's 7000 Series is an electronic I/P transducer for field-mounted process control applications, featuring fail-safe operation and closed loop feedback for high performance and long term stability.

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2700 Pneumatic Pressure Controller.

Masoneilan's 2700 Series Pressure Controllers are highly-reliable pneumatic instruments. They are designed to provide low cost control for applications where narrow-to-intermediate proportional band is adequate. The controller offers a choice of proportional, proportional-reset, or differential gap control.

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496 Series Rotary Electric Switches.

Masoneilan's Series 496 rotary switches are used to provide electrical indication of predetermined stroke positions of a control valve. They can also be used to actuate solenoids, relays, and other electrical devices.

Products Specification:
CS7000E | CS7050E

BR200 / BR400 Booster.

Masoneilan's BR200 and BR400 Booster Relay's are high capacity volume boosters for applications that require fast stroking speeds using pneumatic actuators. Stable operation over a wide range of actuator sizes can be obtained by adjusting the bypass valve on the booster to modify the dynamic response. These booster relay's are equally suitable for use on diaphragm or piston actuators.

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